Store Concept

Rucoline is distributed not only by high profile, multi-brand retailers, but also thanks to a single-brand Flagship Store, originally in Italy and have now open in Japan (our first market after Italy), China and the Arab Emirates. Between 1996 and 2011, 10 stores have opened in the main Italian cities and, in 2001, our distribution strategy was inaugurated by the opening of a sales outlet in Piazza di Spagna which, even today, makes the brand popular with the Roman market.

Traditional Black

The TRADITIONAL BLACK interior of the stores was designed using a specific selection of materials with contrasting glossy and matt surfaces, such as granite, iron and wood.
The Milan store follows the concept of the shop in Tokyo, inaugurated last October 2016 in Ginza and created by the Japanese designer, Tetsuya Chihara. The idea was to let the product take centre stage within the space and highlight it by framing it in rectangular shapes and projecting volumes.


Rucoline decided on a showroom in via Montenapoleone, Milan, Italy’s fashion district. The interior reflects the brand values and image of the new stores. The showroom is designed as a modern, minimalist, open space, where people and products take centre stage. The showroom acts as the company’s point of contact with both national and international markets, where Rucoline presents its fashion concepts, one collection after another.